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Let us take you off the beaten path on our Bruny Island Tour options. Discover Bruny’s lifestyle, walking trails and local artisans. Slow down, understand where you are and adopt the island pace of life.

To understand the Island and its character, you need a local guide that has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and network. The Island breathes beauty within its natural landscape, historical drama and achievement, devastation and resilience. Not to mention talented locals with creative produce. We can bring all things raw, wild and from the past to your day on Bruny Island. 

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Craig Parsey resided at Cape Bruny Lighthouse during the late 1970s, together with his Lightkeeper family, while attending Bruny Island District School. In 2009, he established Bruny Island Safaris and expanded his offerings in 2015 with Cape Bruny Lighthouse Tours. Throughout the past 12 years, Craig has been dedicated to promoting the wonders of Bruny Island. Moreover, he warmly welcomes esteemed tour operator Ben Andrews from Adventure Trails Tasmania and eagerly anticipates a beneficial collaboration between their two companies.

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