Bruny Island Optional Activities

Customise your day on Bruny to accommodate your interests and unique experiences, noting that to include any of these activities requires omitting another activity, as well as additional cost.

Some of the locations are subject to season and availability, and can be crowded at times.

Bruny Island oysters

Food heros

  • Oyster Farm: Sample the best oysters in the state, or Drive-thru and pick up your dozen and find a coastal vista to enjoy them, with a story.
  • Bruny Island Cheese: The artisan cheese and beer company.
  • Bruny Island Chocolate and Fudge
  • Sample Bruny Islands Hounds Tooth Whisky

Picnic and Paint

If you have a creative urge and ready to create your own unique piece of true Tasmania, then select your landscape or back drop of either a private garden or delightful coastal locations with beach access, for a take home memory. This option can be included in a weekend/two day experience.
Cost $60

Island scenic flights around Bruny Island and beyond

Adventure Bay flight: $60 per person 10 minutes
South Bruny Island: $120 per person 20 minutes
Bruny Island: $200/person 45 minutes
Melaleuca and surrounds (in far SW Tasmania): $470 per person 1.5 hours

If all or some of these options appeal, then please get in touch – we’d love to put the perfect Bruny Island itinerary together for you.